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Shijia Zhuang Yanhui Dye Co., Ltd.

SHIJIAZHUANG YANHUI DYE C0.,LTD,through more than ten years careful operation and development,we became a specializd and popular manufacture in the Dyestuff  Industry.We mainly produce and provide :Basic Dyes,Sulphur Black BR,Sulphur Colors,Acid Dyes,Direct Dyes,Aluminum Special Dyes ,Wood and Wood Flore Special Dyes,be applied in textile dyeing such as fabric,cotton,wool,silk,polyester,acrylic fibers, also used for the leather,wood,wood flore,aluminum, paper and so on.In recent years, company production has expanded into naphthol、fast color base and the organic intermediates, which have greatly promoted the diversification of products and diversified development of the company.

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Factory Add:Wuqiu Chemdistrict,Zongshizhuang Town,Jinzhou City,Hebei,China.
Wedsite:   Fax:+86-311-85927268
Export Dept:+86-311-68030898 89656688

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Official mobile platform Welcome scan and visit
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Please scan it and add
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